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How it works

MrNeeds offers an invovative way of placing and managing your daily essentails either through the Subscriptions (Montly, Weekly, Selected Dates,or as per your need) or daily orders.

  • Repeat Order (Subscriptions)
    Order subscription of your daily essensialsand cancel it whever you would like.
  • Single Order
    You can order for single date and get single delivery.
  • Reminders
    Customise your reminder so that you don't miss what you need.
  • Secure Payment
    Make hassle free payments with PayTM and have a piece of mind.

Why MrNeeds?

Because MrNeeds gets you your daily essentails everyday fresh, every morning.

  • Fixed Time Delivery

    We Deliver everyday in morning between 6:00AM - 09:00AM. So you get your dialy essentails before you leave to your office.

  • No Minimum Order

    You can order even a single pack of Milk or a single pack of Bread or anything else you would like to.

  • No Delivery Charges

    We don't charge for delivery, even if you order even a single pack of Milk


Easy to use

MrNeeds app is intuitive and easy to use. Select --> Add --> Buy

Easy Navigation

Choose from One Time Order or Subscription

Add items before 9:00 PM

You can edit your order before 9:00 PM


Select Date

Select the date you want to place an order for.

Add items

Add items and click on checkout



Shipping Currently we offer shipping in limited areas in Noida. The order would be delivered as per selected subscription dates. The order would always be delivered in between 6:00AM to 10:00AM every morning.


Return Policy for Subscription Products

For Subscription products (Milk, Eggs, Juices and Diary) you can return the product same day before 12:00PM by giving us a call.


Return Policy for Non-Subscription Products

We follow instant return policy for our Non-Subscription Products. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the products, you can return whole order or any particular product, to our delivery expert, Our Delivery expert will satisfactory check the whole order in front of you for making your deal easy. Amount of the same product will be deducted from the bill on the spot and added back to your MrNeeds Wallet that you can use for your next transactions. We also accepts returns of Packaged Food & Other Products – Within 3 days of delivery. Dairy products & Frozen products should be returned on the same day of delivery. Payment Methods All the transactions happens only though MrNeeds wallet. MrNeeds wallet can be recharged using PayTM Wallet.


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